Winterlite Outdoor Mesh Screens for Shade, Privacy and Protection

06th March 2018
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Winterlite outdoor aluminium mesh screens restrict direct sunlight during summer but allow light and warmth to penetrate during winter. Create a private, attractive shaded outdoor setting or protect vehicles from damaging sunlight with Winterlite screens.

Manufactured locally in Australia, not imported, the powder coated aluminium lattice mesh construction is a very affordable, attractive, sturdy, low-maintenance screening solution that adds value to your home. You can order Winterlite screens in a range of colours to compliment the surrounding area.


Summer fun and swimming are great, but sunburn and other effects of overexposure to the sun are not. Winterlite screens around a patio, pergola or gazebo will shield you from sun and heat in summer and hold warm air in winter. Make your entertaining area more comfortable and provide shelter from wind with side screens.


Winterlite is the perfect solution to obscure vision between neighbouring properties, reduce noise levels and create a more private atmosphere. Use Winterlite screens to block vision from multi-level apartments overlooking your premises.


When installed around a carport, Winterlite screens control both light and heat, offering protection from damaging sunlight. Protects cars, boats, caravans and other valuable property from the damaging effects of weather. Winterlite is also fireproof.

Garden Areas

Winterlite also allow moisture through, as well as providing protection from sun damage. The lattice mesh screens are therefore ideal for nurseries, gardens or any location where you grow plants.

Winterlite screen benefits
  • Low maintenance.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Adds value.
  • Lightweight and easily added to existing structures.
  • Long span capability, strong and long lasting.
  • Allows rain through; good for plants.
  • Controls light, heat and wind in outdoor areas.
  • Restricts vision.
  • Modern earthy colours.
  • Fireproof.



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