Sunesta and Sunbusta Awnings with Drop Arm System

20th February 2014
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Awnings with a drop arm system are elegant and affordable. In hot summer conditions, awnings outside block heat on windows from direct sunlight, prevent glare and significantly reduce the temperature inside.

Sunesta” and “Sunbusta” drop arm awnings can be custom made and adapted to fit a variety of situations.

Sunesta Awning for Windows

Sunesta awnings are the best choice for smaller size window protection and ideal for hi-set windows.

Spring tension arms are standard. Simply roll up the awning when not required.

Control options available to raise and lower the awning are tape, gear or electric. There is also an optional internal control box.

Sunbusta Awning for Patios

Sunbusta is for large exposed areas and especially well suited for your outdoor patio. This awning has much heavier components.

Gear control and spring tension arms are standard.

Control options include electric motor, timer, sun and wind contrl or remote control.

Fabric Colours and Patterns

Sunesta and Sunbusta Awning Fabric Colours and Patterns

Choose from the attractive selection of awning fabric colours and patterns. All Mode and Outlook fabrics are supported by a 5 year warranty.


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