Rollashield Aluminium Roller Shutters

17th February 2014
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Roller shutters offer protection from the weather, add to home security, control light levels inside and can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 40%.

Rollashield” aluminium roller shutters are manufactured right here in Australia. The lightweight but strong construction consists of an aluminium outer skin injected with polyurethane foam for added strength and insulation.

Benefits of alumium roller shutters

  • Security – An immediate visible deterrent protecting your home against burgulary and vandalism.
  • Insulation – The insulated shutters reflect summer heat and, during winter, retain warmth inside.
  • Reduce Energy Costs – Significantly reduce your in home heating and cooling costs all year round.
  • Noise – Insulated shutters will reduce traffic noise from outside.
  • Light – Lower the shutters to the desired level to control ventilation and light atmosphere inside.
  • Bushfire and Storm Protection – Extensive tests prove Rollashield shutters provide effective protection against radiant heat from a bushfire and hail damage during a storm.
  • Privacy – Adjust the shutters to provide the desired level of privacy during the day or night. When fully open, the shutters are completely out of sight leaving unrestricted views though your window.

Operating Options

To raise and lower your Rollashield shutters, choose either a manual winder or the more convenient “OZRoll” electronic drive system. Importantly, your shutter controls are always located inside, further adding to the security aspect.

Another option available is the “E-Solar” electronic system that uses the energy from the sun to drive the operation of the shutter up and down.

Standard Profile Colours

Rollashield Aluminium Roller Shutter Colours

Slat Profile Appearance

Options included Perforated, UnPerforated, lines on 1 side, lines on 2 sides or no lines.

Roller Shutter Head Boxing

The head box is a two-part aluminium roll formed section designed to completely conceal the working parts of the shutter. When raised, the shutter curtain slat is hidden inside the head box. There are four sizes and shapes of head box to choose from.


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