Arena Honeycomb Shades - Control light and save energy in an attractive style

10th December 2018
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Perfect for any size or shape of window, Arena Honeycomb Shades offer insulating properties to control room temperature without compromising on style. A variety of fabric opacities and design options cater to your individual needs for light control and privacy.

Why Choose Arena Honeycomb Shades ?

  1. Energy Efficient - Tested and proven to help you save on your energy costs. Better for your pocket and the environment.
  2. Child and Pet Safe - Go for one of our cord free control options such as Cordless, Lift and Lock or Momenta, for the ultimate child safe solution.
  3. Smart Construction - Specially designed with Perma-Cell technology preventing stretching, cells remain looking and performing at their best.
  4. Minimal Light Gaps - The compact headrail delivers light gaps as low as 2.5mm in recess fit, compared to 10-15mm for most roller blinds.
  5. Advanced Operation - Versatile solutions for every space or shape, including skylights, so every use is an effortless experience.
  6. Quiet Achiever - Sound energy is absorbed within the cell, dulling exterior noise by up to 55% with 20mm Translucent Fabric.
  7. Healthier Indoor Air - Fabrics are anti-static and dust repellent making them low maintenance. Arena is GREENGUARD ® certified for healthier indoor air quality.

Save on your energy costs with Arena’s superior performance

Arena’s clever cellular design traps air which helps to insulate the room. Honeycomb Shades have been tested and proven to help reduce the cost of heating your home. Enjoy warmer winters and cooler summers as Arena slows down heat transfer through the window for year round comfort.

The back of all Arena honeycomb fabrics is white, creating a uniform streetside appearance. The white backing also provides light reflection and UV protection, which reduces heat passing through the shade into the room.

Energy savings will vary based upon window type, installation and the fabric chosen.

  • MEDIUM - Up to 17% in energy savings with Harlem 10mm Single Cell Translucent fabric.
  • HIGH - Up to 26% in energy savings with any Arena 20mm Single Cell or Essence Double Cell Translucent fabric.
  • VERY HIGH - Up to 28% in energy savings with Harlem 10mm Single Cell Blockout fabric.
  • EXCELLENT - Up to 32% in energy savings with any Arena 20mm Single Cell Blockout fabric.

These savings are based upon an average home in Sydney, compared with the House Energy Rating standard of Holland Blinds from AccuRate, in that average home. These calculations have been modelled by an independent third party.

Child Safety

With child safety an important consideration, you can put your mind at ease knowing there are a variety of solutions available in the Arena range. For the ultimate child safe solution select a cordless operating system such as our Cordless, Lift and Lock or Momenta systems which feature no loose operating cords.

Make it safety first around your windows by always ensuring:

  • Items that a child could climb on are away from windows that have cords or chains. This also includes placing cots, beds and chairs away from windows.
  • Cords are secured as installed by looping around the cord cleat at all times.
  • All Arena corded window coverings come with child safety operation warning tags and safety cord cleats for holding operating cords.
Selecting your perfect Arena System

Bring your dream room to life with a new Arena Honeycomb shade made and installed to your exact requirements. In just a few easy steps you can transform your window into a stylish, energy efficient space to enjoy all year round.

(1) Choose your Cell Size.

  • 10mm Single Cell - Compact air pocket with classic narrow projection, saving you up to 28% on your heating costs.
  • 20mm Single Cell - Larger cell for greater energy efficiency with up to 32% savings on your heating costs.
  • Double Cell - Save up to 26% on your heating costs with a unique styling of a side-by-side double cell shade.

(2) Choose your Fabric Opacity.

  • Sheer - Gently filter light while still enjoying the view through the windows.
  • Translucent - Soften harsh light while maintaining privacy and protecting your furnishings from UV fading.
  • Blockout - Provide excellent energy efficiency and ultimate light and privacy control.

(3) Choose your Control Option.

Start by selecting your operating system which controls the raising and lowering of the shades. Consider a cordless option for a child and pet safe solution.

  • Classic Cord Lock - Slimline hardware for an unobtrusive appearance when shade is fully raised. Operational cords are neatly secured by cleats.
  • EasyRise - Featuring a continuous cord loop operation with a geared clutch, the EasyRise system offers smooth operation for lifting even the largest shades.
  • Cordless - Raises and lowers shades at the bottom bar. Provides an uncluttered look and is the ideal solution for child safety.
  • Lift and Lock - A patented cordless system that locks the shade into position. Operated by a designer bottomrail with easy levelling adjustment.
  • Momenta - A motorised control system allowing shades to be operated with a touch of a button.

(4) Choose your Design Option.

Depending on where your blind will be installed, you can choose a design option that’s perfect for your needs.

  • Day-Night Blinds - Enjoy the best of both worlds when combining a sheer and blockout fabric on the one shade.
  • Two-on-One Headrail - For larger windows, patio doors or window/door combinations, two separate blinds can be mounted on the one head rail, with each blind able to be lowered and raised independently.
  • Skylights - Arena Honeycomb Shades are ideal for skylights and sloping or hard-to-reach windows. Depending on fabric selected, a complete blockout solution can be created.
  • Specialty Shapes - Honeycomb Shades are available in a selection of specialty shapes, for arched and angled windows.
  • Top down/Bottom up - Allows the shade to be raised from the bottom as well as lowered from the top, for complete light and privacy control.

(5) Fabric Collection designed for style and performance.

When selecting the right fabric for your space, remember to consider:

  • How much light do you want to filter in?
  • Do the blinds need to provide a high level of insulation?
  • Will the blinds be a focal point in your space or coordinate with your furnishings?

(6) Upgrade to Automation.

Take your blinds to the next level with the Momenta motorised system. With no complicated wiring necessary, Momenta motorisation is easy to install, operate and maintain. Clever wireless technology allows the shades to be operated with the single touch of a button.

  • Momenta is a fully motorised control system that offers the ultimate in child safety, convenience and ease of operation.
  • Perfect for hard-to-reach windows.
  • Quiet motor operation, powered by a choice of slimline battery pack with standard AA alkaline batteries. Alternatively, use DC Power Supply which plugs into a standard power supply outlet.
  • One touch operation via infrared/radio remote control or wall panel.
Download the Brochure

Download the Arena Honeycomb Shades brochure (1.5 Mb)

Why Wait?

Call in and talk to Country Curtains in Bairnsdale or request a free in home consultation. We will help design your Arena Honeycomb Shade, made to measure here in Australia and fully installed by a trained professional.


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