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For outdoors, choose the ultimate in shade and weather protection from our extensive range of Blinds, Awnings, Hoods, Shutters, Shades and Sunscreens. Installations are carried out by experienced staff from Country Curtains, Bairnsdale, East Gippsland.

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eZip Outdoor Roller Blinds to enhance your Entertaining Area
eZip Outdoor Roller Blinds feature a unique sliding track system to secure the fabric tight. Enclose your outdoor entertaining area to make it elegant, comfortable and private all year round.
Winterlite Outdoor Mesh Screens for Shade, Privacy and Protection
Winterlite mesh screens restrict direct sunlight during summer but allow light and warmth to penetrate in winter. Create a private, shaded outdoor setting or protect vehicles from damaging sunlight...
Auto Lockarm and Straight Drop Outdoor Blinds
Auto Lockarm and Straight Drop Outdoor Blinds are a popular choice for shading large windows, verandahs and outdoor patios. They provide excellent protection against the hot sun rays and wind.
Sunesta and Sunbusta Awnings with Drop Arm System
Awnings with a drop arm system are elegant and affordable. In hot summer conditions, awnings outside block heat from direct sunlight, prevent glare and significantly reduce the temperature inside.
Claredale Aluminium Hood for Window, Deck, Balcony, Shop Front
The Claredale Window Hood is a high strength aluminium curved panel featuring an understructure finished in gloss pearl white to reflect natural light inside. Perfect for an exposed deck, balcony o...
Rollashield Aluminium Roller Shutters
Roller shutters offer protection from the weather, add to home security, control light levels inside and can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 40%.
Security Safety Doors and Windows, stainless steel mesh screens with a view
Alsafe Security Doors and Windows have a super strong marine grade stainless steel see-through mesh screen. No bars, no grilles; just security with a view.
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Country Curtains in Bairnsdale offer you the convenience of a “Shop at home service”. Contact us and we will visit your home with numerous samples for consideration. Our in home measure...