Child Safety around Curtain and Blind Cords

25th May 2017
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Childen will likely see a dangling curtain or blind cord as something to tug on and play with, creating the very dangerous possibility that they may become entangled, or even strangled.

Installing curtains and blinds with cords properly secured well out of the reach of small children is not only an obvious safety precaution, but now law throughout Australia.

  • You can rest assured that every installation by Country Curtains will comply with the “Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard – Corded Internal Window Coverings) Regulations 2010”.

Essential Child Safety Precautions

Throughout your home and anywhere you are visiting or staying, here are 4 simple checks you can make to help ensure the safety of your children and other kids who may visit.

  • Look around for any loose, dangling or looped curtain or blind cord that small children might be able to reach. Immediately tie those cords up high and well out of reach.
  • Buy cleats or tensioning devices to properly secure cords. Country Curtains can assist with the proper hardware to suit, and install them for you upon request.
  • Be wary of furniture positioned close nearby curtain cords and chains, even if the cord is properly tied around a cleat. Children may climb on chairs, beds, cots, sofas, tables or bookshelves and manage to untie that cord. Move the furniture away from the area.
  • When purchasing, only buy curtains and blinds that have warning labels affixed, have no loops or strands that children can reach and also come with the necessary cleats or tensioning devices to secure the cords safely. All products supplied by Country Curtains will comply.

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